Ear Wax & Hearing Aids

Did you know that wax buildup can pose problems for hearing aid wearers? People who wear hearing aids are more prone to earwax buildup. So it’s important that you practice earwax removal on a regular basis.

Hearing Amplifiers vs Hearing Aids

Hearing Amplifiers vs Hearing Aids

Although both hearing amplifiers and hearing aids are designed to serve the same purpose, they are actually quite different from one another. If you are unfamiliar with hearing amplifiers, stick around to learn what these incredible little devices can do for you!

Clogged Ear

How to Unclog a Clogged Ear

A clogged ear can be a real drag. If you’ve ever suffered from this common occurrence, you know just how bothersome it can be. From hearing loss to ear pain, clogged ears are no laughing matter. Let’s explore some tips on how to unclog ear buildup.