Over the Counter Hearing Aids Vs Prescription Hearing Aids

Many thousands of people suffering from hearing loss rely on their hearing aids to function normally in society. Hearing aid technology these days has gotten so advanced in this day and age. People with severe hearing loss can benefit from these devices! At one time, you had to count on a prescription to design one. Now they can be purchased over the counter.

Many people might wonder whether an over the counter personal hearing amplifier is good enough? Can it provide the same kind of capability that a prescription hearing aid can? Let’s look at over the counter hearing amplifiers vs. prescription hearing aids. Always remember, working with an audiologist is an important step in restoring your hearing as much as possible.

Over the Counter Hearing Amplifiers vs Prescription Hearing Aids

A recent study conducted at Indiana University looked at over the counter hearing aid amplifier vs prescription hearing aids, and whether those who receive professional help can get a better outcome. The study looked at three groups. The first got hearing aids through an audiologist. The second went strictly over the counter, and a control group fitted for placebo devices.

In the end, unsurprisingly, the hearing aid turned out to be helpful. For many people, however, a personal sound amplifier can be an excellent solution. These sound amplifiers are also available over the counter. Modern hearing amplifiers provide superior results, unparalleled sound clarity, and can even be so subtle as to be unnoticeable when worn. The cost difference is what stands out the most, which is why many are leaning towards hearing amplifiers such as Otofonix.

What is a Prescription Hearing Aid?

For the most part, the same hearing aids available via prescription as are available over the counter. It’s not like medication where you get stronger products with a script. However, your audiologist will custom fit your hearing aid to your ears. In contrast, the best in modern technology can generally offset this need. Thus, enabling you to get outstanding results even over the counter.

While your audiologist can certainly help with advice and education, an over the counter hearing amplifier can be very easy to use and provide outstanding results.

Choosing Your Hearing Aid or Personal Sound Amplifier

Even if you have a preferred vendor, you can likely get both over the counter hearing aids and prescription hearing aids from that vendor, meaning your options are broad either way. More and more people are pursuing the solution of OTC personal sound amplifiers, for easy-to-use technology that produces outstanding results.

You should choose a hearing aid that’s designed by hearing doctors, which use the most advanced technology to deliver the greatest results. An OTC amplifier can provide significant cost savings and can give you the clarity of results and sound you need.

For more information on the very best FDA-approved over the counter hearing amplifiers available on the market today, learn about Otofonix and get in touch with us for answers to all of your questions or to start shopping for your hearing amplifier today. To learn more about the difference between hearing aids and hearing amplifiers, check out this post.


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