Otofonix vs ZVOX Hearing Aid

Otofonix vs ZVOX Hearing Aid Reviews

Do you have trouble hearing? Would you like to get hearing aids but can’t afford to pay for their astronomical cost? You’re not alone. Many people who suffer from hearing loss believe that they have no choice but to live with their condition.

While it may have been that way in the past, advancements in technology have given rise to new innovations that allow those with moderate hearing loss to enjoy clear sound once again – without breaking the bank!

In addition to Otofonix, ZVOX is another brand that is restoring the quality of life of many people. People who once thought they had no recourse other than to live with their difficulty hearing. One of the biggest benefits of both of these brands is that they cost a fraction of the regular price of traditional hearing aids!

Now you can enjoy many of the same features found in those expensive devices but at an affordable price. Otofonix and ZVOX are both doing incredible things for the hearing care community. But which brand is right for you? Keep reading the following reviews to help you determine what the right hearing aids are for your needs.


Otofonix has been a game-changer for many people. We’re not just saying that. We’ve heard it time and time again in reviews from happy customers. One of our most popular hearing aids is the Sona. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and streamlined performance, you can enjoy clearer hearing and so much more. We like that the Sona comes equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to perform your customizable hearing test from the comfort of your home. No more visits to see an audiologist.

What’s more, the Sona comes with its own proprietary app that lets you control it right from your smartphone. Otofonix even includes a built-in hearing test that helps you determine the most suitable settings for the best sound quality.

A directional microphone serves to cut down on background noise so you can clearly hear the sounds coming from directly in front of you. Otofonix builds its hearing aids with exceptional noise reduction so you focus on voices instead of the ambient sounds in a noisy room.

The battery life of the Sona is quite remarkable, as well. You’ll be able to hear clearly for up to a full week before needing to change batteries.

Users appreciate how well-designed our products are. Anyone can pick them up and start using them. If you know your way around a smartphone, you will have no trouble using Otofonix hearing aids.

You can safely try Otofonix for 45 days from the date of purchase to see if they are right for you. With a simple and straightforward return policy and exceptional customer service, you can look forward to restoring your quality of life through better hearing.


ZVOX makes lower-end devices that offer a lot of bang for your buck. Although you won’t find the same high quality as that found in Otofonix’s devices, according to ZVOX hearing aid reviews, they still bring a lot to the table in terms of features and use.

The VoiceBud VB20 hearing device is a budget-friendly option that sports a dual-microphone setup and limiting output level. This translates to a hearing device that provides clear sound while preventing loud noises from coming through to your ear.

Similar to the Otofonix Sona, the ZVOX VoiceBud VB20 comes with a smartphone app that affords you control of the hearing device, such as sound volume.

The battery life on the VoiceBud is a bit less impressive, lasting around 4 days. Unlike Otofonix’s Sona, which lasts a full week, the VoiceBud uses traditional hearing aid batteries. So expect to add the extra expense of replacing batteries to the total cost.

With that being said, ZVOX gets the nod in the return policies by giving you a 60-day run instead of Otofonix’s 45.

Which Is Right for You?

We hope this review gave you a clearer understanding of these devices. But which is better? Looking at Otofonix vs ZVOX hearing aid reviews, it’s easy to see that there are pros and cons to both. Both brands hail from the United States and make an affordable alternative for those with difficulty hearing.

ZVOX has lower prices but at the expense of quality and performance. You also can’t listen to music through the ear units. While the microphone quality of both brands is commendable, ZVOX’s dual-microphone setup can’t compete with Otofonix’s directional mic.

Otofonix also trumps ZVOX in sound quality. Sure, you might save a little on the upfront price by choosing ZVOX. But you’re not going to get near the quality and performance that you’d get from Otofonix.

In comparing both brands of this review, we recommend spending a little more and investing in Otofonix. We make excellent hearing devices that are sure to provide you with years of service and use.