Otofonix Hearing Aid Accessories

Otofonix Hearing Aid Accessories for Superior Sound and Comfort

Otofonix Hearing Aid Accessories for Superior Sound and Comfort

Here at Otofonix, we want our customers to enjoy the best sound quality and comfort that our brand has become renowned for. That’s why Otofonix doesn’t just offer fantastic value hearing aids; we also provide a great range of accessories too!

Read on to discover how our range of Otofonix devices can boost wear-ability and enhance sound quality even further.

Encore Ear Hook Power Kit

If you own an Otofonix Encore hearing aid and need a little extra amplification, then the ear hook power kit is the perfect accessory to help you achieve this without having to splash out on another device.

Complete with a thicker tube with a larger internal diameter and an ear hook adapter, this accessory is easy to fit and comes with new ear domes in assorted sizes, making it a great value for the money.

Every Encore model comes with an ear hook kit.

Magic Ear Domes / Tips

If you’ve noticed more feedback from our Otofonix hearing aid, or your current ear domes are cracked or discolored, the good news is that all of these issues can be solved with our magic ear domes.

A hybrid of both open and closed domes, the magic ear domes have tiny vents that provide greater gain than the open domes but with far less feedback.

Ideal for sensitive skin, these ear domes are available in two sizes for maximum wearer comfort.

Mercury Free  Hearing Aid Batteries

Three of our Otofonix hearing aids are powered by small and lightweight mercury-free hearing aid batteries that, dependent upon usage, should be replaced every seven to ten days.

High performance, these zinc-air hearing batteries are available in packs of six or sixty. We advise that you keep some in stock so that you always have plenty to hand.

Protection Plans

As well as offering high-quality, excellent value hearing aids and accessories, Otofonix also gives all customers the opportunity to protect their devices against loss or accidental damage thanks to our unique protection plans.

Available for all our hearing amplifiers, coverage starts from as little as 19 cents per day and is ideal for additional peace of mind. This also complements the 12-month factory warranty that covers your device for product failures but gives you that extra protection against accidental loss or breakages.

To find out more about our protection plans, get in touch with a friendly member of the Otofonix customer service team today.

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