Online Hearing Test

Hearing Test with our Sona App

Free Online Hearing Test

The Otofonix online hearing test is the best non-medical alternative to consulting a hearing care professional.

Fast and Easy to use!

Download the Otofonix app, connect your Otofonix Sona Hearing Aids and or Headphones. Follow the App guiding steps and confirm active reference tone at each frequency testing. Confirm “Yes” or “No” in all testing frequencies. You will get your customized hearing loss results immediately!

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Do you have a copy of your audiogram?

Click this link to submit your audiogram and we will help you determine the right Otofonix Hearing Aid for your hearing loss.

Why do an online hearing test?

Fast. Easy. Instant results.

For those suffering from hearing loss, performing this test has helped many purchase their next pair of hearing aids with more confidence. Our free hearing test measures how well you’re hearing in 3 minutes or less and gives you instant test results. 

Tips for taking an online hearing test?

We recommend taking your online hearing test in a quiet area, like a closet, without interruptions. You will have the option to take your hearing test with headphones using the Otofonix app. 

How our Free Online Hearing Test Works

  1. 1 – First, download the Otofonix App at the app store for iPhone users or google play for android users.
  2. 2 – Choose if you prefer to use your Sona Hearing Aids or Headphones. We recommend staying away from online device speakers to perform your free online hearing test.
  3. 3 – Make sure the volume is on and set at 50%
  4. 4.- TURN ON your hearing devices and make sure it has a fresh battery/full power. Or, plug in your headphones.
  5. 5 – Follow the App guiding steps and confirm active reference tone at each frequency testing. Confirm “Yes” or “No” in all testing frequencies.

 Once the test has been completed, the App will show you the hearing result. 

This online hearing test is a great alternative to get the guidance to make a data-driven decision on what hearing devices are best for you to buy online without the fear of buying the wrong hearing device ever AGAIN.

Important note! The Otofonix online hearing test does not replace a medical-grade hearing test and it does not constitute a medical diagnosis. If you think that you are experiencing hearing loss, we advise you to consult a professional hearing care specialist who can conduct a medical-grade hearing test examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free online hearing tests accurate?

Using The Otofonix Sona Hearing Aids to perform your online hearing test will surely get you the best non-medical results as an alternative to visiting an Audiologist.

Downloading the Otofonix app and performing your online hearing test with headphones, submitting these results to Otofonix Customer Care Team at 704-380-0508 or email us at, is a reliable way for you to make a confident purchase for your next hearing aids that are just right for your unique hearing loss needs.

Download the Otofonix app today!

How can I test my hearing at home?

YES! You have many options for online hearing tests. Our difference is our app using the phone vs your computer. Take the test from the comfort of your home with the Otofonix app. Testing your hearing from your home has never been easier.

How do you tell if your hearing is damaged?

Many begin to lose the ability to hear those soft voices like children and female voice tones in background noise first. We call this mild hearing loss. To obtain the better hearing or have the ability to amplify speech in noise, you may find a hearing device from Otofonix that can help you. We have found that people usually suffer for 10 years before purchasing their first pair of hearing aids. How do you tell if your hearing is damaged? Contact your local hearing care professional or take the online non-medical alternative and download the Otofonix app today! You will have your answer in minutes!