How our hearing abilities can change as we age

This probably isn’t going to come as a big surprise, but our hearing changes as we age. What we could easily hear, process and understand a decade ago might be more of a challenge today; this is caused by presbycusis, a gradual and progressive hearing loss that begins in midlife and continues to increase as we get older.

This is associated with the aging process, and sadly, there isn’t a great deal that we can do to stop it. According to studies undertaken by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), one in three adults with ages ranging from 65 to 75 have impaired hearing loss.

As our sensory cells reach their peak performance in our youth, they begin to deteriorate over time until we get to the point where we experience some degree over hearing loss.

Unfortunately, science has yet to find a solution to aging (and isn’t likely to either!), so it’s just something that we’ll all have to deal with at some point.

However, just because we’re getting a little bit older each day, it doesn’t mean that we must suffer in silence.

Otofonix hearing aid products have been helping our customers rediscover the joy of better hearing for years. From the ability to join in with conversations with friends and family members without shouting and not having to crank the volume up to the maximum to enjoy our favorite TV shows, hearing amplifiers offer a simple and cost-effective solution for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Using noise-canceling technology to remove any unwanted environmental noise and provide high-quality sound, Otofonix hearing aids have been developed by doctors and stringently tested by audiologists, making them the ideal choice for those suffering from hearing loss as they age.

Each device comes in a range of two subtle colors, so no-one ever needs to know that you’re experiencing hearing issues and they also carry a 12-month guarantee to ensure that they work perfectly.

For those that love to travel, each Otofonix hearing aid comes complete with a protective carry case and a wide range of cleaning accessories, ear domes and hearing tubes too, so you can rest assured that your new hearing device will go the distance.

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