How Much Are Hearing Aids? Hearing Aid Costs in 2020

Hearing loss can be an isolating and frustrating experience that robs you of your happiness and quality of life. Taking that step to finally do something about improving your hearing is a big deal—one that you well deserve. But once you’ve been to your audiologist, completed your hearing test, and have gotten to the point where you start seeing the actual hearing aid cost—you just might start to feel the wind disappear from your sails.

How much do hearing aids cost? The fact is, the average price of hearing aids in 2019 was upwards of $6,000 a pair. For most American families this translates into nearly two months of income! Unfortunately, that high price tag is often what stops people from improving their quality of life by following through with their purchase of hearing aids.

So, what exactly is it that makes the hearing aids price so expensive? Is there an affordable alternative? And what is included in those high costs of traditional prescription hearing aids?

Why do Hearing Aids Cost so Much?

Many factors contribute to high hearing aid costs. The first of these is that your hearing aid purchase is bundled with other services which may include:

    • Initial consultation at a hearing clinic or audiologist
    • Hearing test
    • Fittings and adjustments
    • Cleanings
    • Hearing Aid batteries
    • Additional warranties

These can add up to $2000-$5000 in costs to your hearing aids.

Another factor is the significant retail markup that hearing aids are subject to. The six major hearing aid manufacturers produce a product that is sold at nearly 5 to 10 times the actual cost once it gets to you, the consumer. Hearing aid costs increase from production to the wholesale market, then again once they reach the retail clinic, and then even more once service costs are added on by your healthcare provider or hearing clinic.

What About Health Insurance? Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Health insurance can buffer the cost of hearing aids, but it can also complicate things even more in the buying process. The majority of Medicare and many other insurance plans do not currently cover the purchase of hearing aids, but there could be changes in the near future. Be sure to check your specific Medicare coverage to see what your personal plan covers, but unfortunately the overall lack of quality coverage by Medicare, on top of the overwhelming hearing aid prices, creates an enormous financial hurdle for most Americans to overcome.

The legislation was introduced in September of this year in the Senate (The Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act of 2019) to improve Medicare patient access to audiologists. Organizations like ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association), AAA (American Academy of Audiology), and ADA (Academy of Doctors of Audiology) are collaborating to move the legislation forward in Congress.

Currently, some insurance plans will at least partially cover hearing tests, which you can then use to obtain an affordable over the counter hearing aid from an FDA approved company like Otofonix. We strive to make the transition to hearing aids easy and affordable so you can get back to living life to the fullest.

What Are the Dangers of Avoiding Hearing Aids?

The cost of hearing aids can be overwhelming and may tempt you to avoid dealing with your hearing loss, but untreated hearing loss can become the root of many other health complications.

Studies have proven that hearing loss, even when mild, weakens areas of the brain in aging adults. It has an impact on:

    • Mental health
    • Work and professional life
    • Linked to higher rates of dementia
    • Balance and a higher risk of falling
    • Normal socialization
    • General cognitive decline

Recognizing the dangers that not treating your hearing loss can impart, as well as finding a cost-effective solution, are important steps in reclaiming the life you and your loved ones deserve.

Where Can I Find Affordable Behind the Ear Hearing Aids Online?

In the past, the only way to access behind the ear hearing aids and in-ear canal hearing aids was by going through the expensive process of seeing an audiologist and having them order the hearing aids for you. Along with that came the added expenses of bundled pricing, markups, and future fittings and care. We at Otofonix have changed that by offering high-quality, affordable hearing aids at a reasonable cost that can fit within the average Americans budget. By removing the middleman and selling directly to you, our customer, we save you thousands of dollars and give you your quality of life back at a fraction of the cost.

We also happily provide unlimited free email and phone customer service support to help guide you every step of the way—before and after your purchase! Don’t let hearing aid costs stop you from getting the help and hearing aids you need. Let us help find the right hearing aid for you and your level of hearing loss. Just call one of our friendly customer service hearing technicians today.


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