Hearing Amplifiers vs Hearing Aids

Hearing Amplifiers vs Hearing Aids

Although both hearing amplifiers and hearing aids are designed to serve the same purpose, they are actually quite different from one another. If you are unfamiliar with hearing amplifiers, stick around to learn what these incredible little devices can do for you!

Do Hearing Amplifiers Really Work?

Quite well, in fact! Hearing amplifiers are a safe and effective investment that provides hearing assistance to those who need it. There is a wide range of amplifiers for hearing, many of which feature sophisticated technologies that mimic the effects of prescription hearing aids.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need hearing aids. Your hearing loss just means that you have trouble picking up certain sounds and frequencies. Sound amplifiers cost a fraction of what you would pay for a hearing aid prescription here in the United States.

What makes personal sound amplification devices so great is that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription! Our Otofonix personal sound amplifiers are over-the-counter hearing aids at an affordable price. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to have your hearing checked by a professional so that your hearing acuity can be accurately gauged.

If your doctor determines that you simply need a hearing amplifier, you can look forward to saving a bundle of money and time. Hearing aids are costly, requiring follow-up appointments and exams. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid all of the back and forth?

Thanks to our wide range of Otofonix hearing loss products, you can get the help you need to hear the sounds and people in your life more clearly. Our easy-to-use products are inexpensive compared to prescription hearing aids, allowing you to manage your hearing loss more easily.

What Are the Best Hearing Amplifiers?

Here at Otofonix, we want you to have a great experience with our OTC hearing aids. Thanks to our vast selection of hearing amplifiers, you can get the perfect hearing assistant based on your unique needs. So let’s take a moment to explore some of our most popular hearing amplifiers.

Otofonix Elite

Thanks to 10 volume levels and four program modes, the Elite is an excellent choice for improving conversation with your friends and family. Its modern technology works to cancel out unnecessary background sound so can better hear the people in front of you.

We designed the Elite to pick up softer speech, making it the perfect companion when talking with women or children. Thanks to the help of a directional microphone, you will be able to hear sound and people more clearly.

Otofonix Encore

Having a hard time hearing? Our advanced Encore hearing aid may be just what you need to enhance your conversation with the people around you. If you often have difficulty hearing in large, open areas like churches or theaters, the Encore is right up your alley.

Having a hard time hearing? Our advanced Encore hearing aid may be just what you need to enhance your conversation with the people around you. If you often have difficulty hearing in large, open areas like churches or theaters, the Encore is right up your alley.

This hearing amplifier comes equipped with dual directional microphones and Telecoil technology to ensure that you are able to hear sound and people regardless of how crowded or noisy it is around you. And thanks to the adaptive noise reduction technology, you can look forward to less background sound interfering with your conversations.

Your hearing assists with better coverage thanks to the use of digital sound processing. The Encore will help you fight hearing loss by mimicking the same technology found in many hearing aid brands.

Otofonix Helix

If you’re looking for a personal hearing amplifier that is easy to use, the Helix is one of the most convenient devices available. Thanks to a handy built-in rechargeable battery, you never have to worry about swapping our batteries again!

The Helix comes packed with a charging cradle to help make charging easier than ever. These robust hearing aids provide up to 18 hours of continuous use on just one charge. It also has 10 volume settings and 4 environment settings to ensure that you hear the people around you without interference.

You don’t have to let your hearing loss get the better of you. We designed the Helix to provide the effects found in hearing aids but at a fraction of the price!

Otofonix Sona

Hearing amplifiers have come a long way in recent years. Perhaps there is no better representation of the advancements made than the Sona. Like hearing aids, hearing loss is amplified using many of the same technologies. The Sona is packed with sophisticated modes that enhance your hearing and help make your hearing loss less noticeable.

But what really sets this modern marvel apart from other hearing loss devices is its smartphone integration. You can control your desired level of volume with your smartphone thanks to the implementation of Bluetooth technology.

The end result is a personalized hearing loss companion that will make your life much easier. Its adaptive technology works in conjunction with the directional microphone to ensure that you hear what’s important.

If you’re ready to transform your listening experience, the Sona is an excellent investment. Be sure to check out Otofonix.com for even more hearing devices, as well as detailed information on the above units.

What Is the Difference Between a Hearing Aid and Hearing Amplifier?

People who have trouble hearing can benefit from personal amplifiers thanks to the similar technology used. They boost environmental sounds, allowing you to hear what’s around you without the need for an expensive hearing aid prescription.

Personal amplifiers make your life easier by managing the sounds around you so that you can hear them more clearly. While hearing aids are considered a Class 1 medical device that is regulated by the United States FDA, sound amplification devices can be purchased at will without the need to see a doctor.

Still, we always recommend that you get a professional’s opinion so that you have a clear understanding of where you stand with your hearing loss. With the proper precautions, you will have an easier time selecting the best amplifier for your needs.

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