Hearing Aid

Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

There are many reasons why you may require a hearing aid. Whether due to the effects of aging, an injury to your head and neck, or damage to your ear canal, they can help you pick up sounds that you might not normally be able to hear.

To help you better understand hearing loss and when you should consider getting hearing aids, continue reading for more information.

When Should You Try a Hearing Amplifier?

If you have taken a test and determined that you have trouble hearing, you may need hearing aids. However, it’s important that you know the type of hearing loss that you’re dealing with. Does your hearing trouble affect one ear or both?

Do you need one or two? To make sure you know exactly where you stand with your hearing loss, we encourage you to visit our audiologist directory to find a trusted clinic near you. This will help you better understand your hearing health so that you may make the best decision in combating your hearing loss and truly answer the question, “Do I need a hearing aid?”

How Do You Know if You Need a Hearing Aid?

After taking a hearing test, it will be easier to determine where you sit among the different types of hearing loss. If your test results show that it’s harder to hear across multiple frequencies, it may be time to invest in hearing aids.

You should visit an otolaryngologist, a specialist in the ear, nose, and throat. They will be able to target the root cause of your hearing loss and recommend whether you should wear a hearing aid.

If your hearing loss is mild, however, you may just need a personal sound amplification device from us at Otofonix. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on prescription hearing aids, you can save money with our behind-the-ear hearing amplifiers.

You get the same great features found in those expensive prescription hearing aids but a fraction of the cost. To find out if you need prescription hearing aids and how you can experience better hearing, let’s keep going.

Do You Need a Hearing Aid for Mild Hearing Loss?

That’s the great thing about our hearing amplifiers at Otofonix. They are designed to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Whether you’re suffering from age-related hearing loss or an inner ear issue, you can get help without breaking the bank.

Sadly, too many people get used to their hearing loss because they can’t afford the astronomical cost of prescription hearing aids. Thanks to Otofonix, you can experience the freedom you need to restore your quality of life and improve your hearing health.

A Better Option

While prescription hearing aids certainly work for mild hearing issues, you may not have to spend your time and money on them. Our over-the-counter hearing aids work best for people with different causes of hearing loss that ranges from mild to moderate.

What’s more, we even have models that assist with severe hearing loss. As such, it’s best to inquire about a hearing health test to see where you fall in the various categories. When you know what kind of sound you’re having trouble hearing, it will be much easier to find the perfect device for your needs.

What Percentage of Hearing Loss Requires a Hearing Aid?

Percentages of hearing loss originated from ranges used by the military. However, the National Institute on Deafness more accurately assesses that people may require hearing aids if they are having trouble detecting certain sounds.

You may have mild hearing loss if you have trouble hearing background noise, such as the sound of a ticking clock, for example. If you find it difficult to detect louder sounds, such as a vacuum cleaner under normal conditions, you should seriously consider investing in a hearing aid.

Compare Our Products Today

Explore our affordable hearing aids and compare our different models to figure out which one best suits you. We offer a selection of different devices that can help you hear the sound better while improving your quality of life.

Just because it’s hard for you to hear doesn’t mean you have to let it control your life. Let us help with at Otofonix our affordable hearing aids.

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