Benefits of a Telecoil Hearing Aid

Telecoils are a hot commodity among hearing aid users. They provide assistive listening for users who wish to hear better over telephones. Many hearing aids come equipped with telecoil technology, giving those with hearing loss an overall better listening experience.

If you’re not sure whether your hearing aid has a telecoil, we invite you to stick around to learn how to check your listening device for this innovative feature. We will also explain in detail how telecoils work and what you can expect from them.

Do I need a telecoil?

If you often talk on the telephone, you should strongly consider investing in a hearing aid that comes with telecoil technology. The reason a telecoil-compatible hearing aid might be a good fit for you is that not all hearing aids are ideal for telephone use.

Hearing aid compatible phones, whether it be a traditional telephone or a cell phone, are designed to produce a strong magnetic field for the telecoil to pick up. Instead of the hearing aid’s microphone receiving the sound, the telecoil takes care of it.

When the magnetic signal is detected by the coil, it is then sent to the hearing aid amplifier. This delivers high-quality sound that is better than what a microphone would pick up. In fact, the microphone on your hearing aid is completely bypassed when using a telecoil in your hearing instrument.

Having a telecoil in your hearing aid ensures that you get the best experience when talking over telephones. However, it’s important that your phone is equipped with its own telecoil. A telecoil is a small copper wire that is coiled up inside some telephones.

Newer models are more likely to have telecoils, but even then it’s not a guarantee. You should check with the instructions that came with any telephones. This way you can make sure they do indeed have their own telecoils.

Telecoil Might Be the Key to Better Hearing

This is especially true if you spend a lot of time talking over the telephone. The magnetic signal emitted from telephones and cell phones isn’t something that a hearing aid microphone can easily process. That’s why telecoils are in such high demand among hearing aid users.

A hearing aid’s telecoil is designed to pick up the magnetic signal. Which gives you better sound quality and clarity in your phone conversations. Users who are looking for the best listening experience possible will definitely want to invest in hearing aid telecoil technology.

What’s more, investing in hearing aids that come with telecoils will ensure that you hear the best sound quality available. When using a telephone, you can look forward to any background noise being reduced or eliminated. This provides clarity while allowing you to hear people over the phone better.

Many hearing aids today come with telecoil systems to ensure that those with hearing loss are able to hear clearly both in public and over the phone. When you’re out in public, your receiver picks up sound directly from the microphone.

When you’re in large, open places, the microphone does all the work. This ensures that your hearing aid picks up a wider range of sounds. Since there isn’t a magnetic signal to receive, there’s no need for the telecoil to be used.

Loop Systems

However, some public settings are set up to accommodate telecoil technology. For example, some churches and meeting rooms have a large telecoil, known as an induction loop system, that enables hearing aids with telecoils to pick up the magnetic signal emitted from the large coil.

Loop systems aren’t everywhere, so it’s important to know which places accommodate your telecoil hearing aid. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is responsible for ensuring that those with hearing loss have access to more hearing loops. As such, the places that do have them ensure that people are actually able to hear.

A loop system is essentially one copper wire that encompasses a public setting. A loop system can be large or small. A setting like a bank may have one small loop system installed underneath the counter. You can find out whether public locations are equipped with telecoil loop systems by looking for loop system labels.

If you see signage that indicates a hearing loop is on the premises, activate the telecoil in your hearing aid. Take advantage of the feature! If your hearing aid has an automatic telecoil, even better. It will connect to the loop system when you get close enough in range.

These all work together to provide you with better hearing, whether at home or out in public.

Does My Hearing Aid Have a Telecoil?

An easy way to tell if your phone has its own telecoil is to look for a label in the manual that reads “T-Rating.” The general rule of thumb is that the higher your T-rating is, the better sound quality you will get over your phones’ receivers.

This is because the telecoil will have a stronger signal with which to receive sound. If you can’t readily find any information on your telephones, you should contact the manufacturer and ask if your devices have a T-rating.

Otofonix Helix and Encore Models Both Have Telecoil Technology

Otofonix has paved the way for affordable hearing aids without a prescription. You can even get telecoil hearing aids through Otofonix to ensure that you have the option for optimal hearing.

If you use a smartphone, you will want to consider investing in the Otofonix Helix or Encore. As we mentioned a moment ago, these hearing aids include telecoils that allow you to take advantage of public settings with hearing loops. If there is a hearing loop sound system present, these two Otofonix hearing aids will easily connect to any available hearing loops.

Not only that, but you will be able to hear clearly over your cell phone, as well. With the help of telecoil, both the Encore and Helix include the ability to pick up the magnetic signal emitted from certain phones. This will provide you with clearer sound while reducing background noise.

If you believe you require a hearing aid or have been thinking about upgrading to a new model, Otofonix has you covered. The Helix and Encore make sure that you get the best sound available. Each receiver is equipped with a coil system that is used to deliver the magnetic signal directly into your ear. You can now get hearing aids with telecoils at an affordable price. Check out our audiologist directory to find a hearing clinic near you!

How do you use a telecoil hearing aid?

Modern hearing aids allow you to access the telecoil in your listening device in a couple of different ways. Depending on the model of receiver you have, your hearing aid may switch to telecoil mode via a button. In other models, the telecoil feature is automatic, activating the telecoil system when a phone is used.

For the automatic telecoil mode to activate, your new telecoil-compatible hearing aid needs to be close enough to a phone with its own telecoil technology. By detecting another nearby telecoil, your hearing aid will automatically switch over and let you listen with the assistive listening mode.

To switch off the automatic telecoil mode, one needs to simply move the cell phone away from the hearing aids. If your hearing aid is equipped with a manual button for activating telecoil mode, you just need to tap the button after your call to deactivate the telecoil.

What Is T-Coil Hearing Aid Mode?

Receivers that are equipped with a coil system let you easily connect to your TV or public loop system for assistive hearing directly in your ear. This is convenient when you don’t want to disturb people nearby, as only you will hear what is being transmitted into your ear.

There are other devices and that makes use of your hearing aid’s coil, as well. When this setting is used, the microphone is switched off and all sound is picked up via the coil. Whether it’s a public hearing loop or audio from your television, the hearing aid’s coil will ensure that you may hear privately.

Using a Cellphone With a Telecoil Hearing Aid

You won’t be able to take advantage of your telecoil sound system until your hearing care provider activates it. That’s why many adults are opting for over-the-counter hearing aids from Otofonix. If you buy one of our hearing aids that are equipped with a telecoil, you can look forward to using the feature right out of the box.

There’s no need to visit a hearing care specialist to have the telecoil activated. People who are looking for greater convenience will definitely want to look into Otofonix’s hearing aids. You also aren’t required to have a prescription and you will save a bundle of money in the process.

This way, you can enjoy many of the same features found in those expensive prescription hearing aids. But at a fraction of the cost!

Using a telecoil not only decreases background noise over the phone but also gives you the option to hear in private. If you are interested in coil technology and think you may use this feature often, be sure to check out our Helix and Encore models. We offer a 45 day free trial to make sure you choose the best hearing aid for your needs.

If you would like more information on telecoils and the best hearing aids for hearing loss, be sure to contact us today.

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