5 Reasons Why Otofonix Hearing Aids are a Cut Above Low Quality Imports

Have you researched hearing aids online? You might find it tempting to opt for an imported device. Imported devices are attractive due to their cheap pricing. However, beware as low cost often means low quality. You could be stuck with a poor substitute for a quality hearing aid. Instead, try one of our Otofonix premium quality, behind the ear hearing aids. Otofonix offers better sound quality than most imported devices on the market. Read on to discover why our quality range of hearing aids beat out low-quality imports. Let us show you why you can trust Otofonix!

Highest Quality Hearing Aid Parts

Otofonix hearing aids are assembled with the best parts. We source our parts from the United States and Europe. Our quality components add a variety of functions. Otofonix’s quality hearing aids are the result of years of research and hard work. You experience features such as:

  • Noise reduction
  • Advanced feedback cancellation
  • Durability
  • Adjustable volume
  • Custom-fit
  • Long battery life

Designed by Doctors

Our hearing amplifiers have been designed and developed by an accomplished ear surgeon. Thus, an extensive amount of knowledge has been used in our process. When you place an order with us you will receive a product that is both effective and reliable.

Tested by Audiologists

The sound quality of cheap imports is far from acceptable. As a result, you experience whistling and feedback which can be very uncomfortable. In fact, all our hearing aids have been tested by certified audiologists. They deliver great sound quality with the ability to cancel out environmental noises. Cheap imports can’t perform that function. In fact, our most satisfied customers are those who have previously owned expensive, brand name, traditional prescription hearing aids.

Quality Hearing Aid Comfort

A good quality, affordable hearing aid shouldn’t come at a cost to comfort.  That is why Otofonix provides an assortment of sound tubes and ear domes to ensure a great fit.  As a result, you experience longer, more comfortable wearability all day long.

Exceptional customer care and warranties

Otofonix hearing amplifiers come complete with a 12-month warranty and unparalleled customer support. Contact our team via phone or email whenever you need to-we are here for you.  With imports, you are limited on the communication channels you can use. This is due to the high cost and time zones. You will also be offered a poor warranty period. Thus, you pay higher shipping costs if you wish to return the item. Ultimately, we recognize that your ability to hear is precious. So, Otofonix provides you with a quality hearing aid. Plus, you get the extra peace of mind that comes with our warranties and exceptional customer service.

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